Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
I understand the criticism behind doing something different, but as Ter13 has said, it is a well-reasoned direction for the game. We really want to focus on the story, the world, the heroes, the gameplay. To express all these things in all the glory we can muster we've sacrificed what may seem like a big deal to some, but I promise it won't kill how much you and your friends will enjoy the age, only enhance it.

I really appreciate the support, as anxious as I am, we're really looking forward to getting started.
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Albro1 wrote:

Yes. This. We are in agreement, especially:

All I'm really trying to say is don't downplay the possibility of success of a game simply because it isn't another MMORPG.

Heh, wasn't sure i felt like giving a proper go at a reply to what em and others were trying to say, so good on you sir albrooooooo! (because i can)
I like it, I like the idea.

The game has come so far, I can't wait to see the Kickstarter results .. count me in for that!
I think the story and gameplay will benefit immensely from this change.
We're good to go! Kickstarter cleared the campaign, and everything is looking great.

Spirit Age Heroes

A subscriber raised their concern to me regarding the campaign, so this is a update for everyone who has subscribed; I've already changed your times to a lifetime and you will receive the game and a bonus hero.

Wouldn't leave you guys out, the really early support is appreciated.
I don't like how you guys just threw the kickstarter logo there. it doesn't...ehhh. Anywho how you guys are going with this , it seems pretty interesting i mean i love multiplayers :3 as long as it feels sandboxy. Good luck :D will help fund when you guys get it up.
The lack of a link is annoying Chris :)
I can only find one with with the terms BYOND...

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I agree with VixiV. If you removed all of the white and put a border around the KICKSTARTER text, it would probably look much better.

A little hard to do this without fiddling with it myself, but I imagine a gold border around KICK would look good, but gold around that green wouldn't look as good, so perhaps purple to keep the theme together.
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Albro1 wrote:
I agree with VixiV. If you removed all of the white and put a border around the KICKSTARTER text, it would probably look much better.

Now you can't see Kick ..

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Did you skip over the whole "border" stuff I talked about?
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I didn't actually do it Chris edited his post, I preserved the image as I thought he would change it, which he has done.
Sigh ..

"Ships within the US only"

Sigh, guess the ONLY ones I can get is the digital stuff.. or it just jumps to $300 ..
Actually, forget that. I'll put in all the extra effort for non US supporters.
Man This game looks so good but i heard its only going to be single-player i only came on byond to play multiplayer games =c
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It's good to try something new every once in a while. If you aren't up for that, then it is your loss I guess.
I suggest explaining a bit more on the co-op on the kickstarter home page of Spirit Age.
Ill be playing the game don't get me wrong dis game looks to damn dope XD
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