Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
after some problems with the ss13 website, my server ended up random in list while i had 1 person online, i thought lets restart the server and clean things up a bit. When i started it up everything seemed to work fine but it didnt told me anymore if it can be seen by other players or not. I thought it doesnt really matter because ive had a lot of times that it says it cant be seen while it could be.

Now when i checked the website it didnt pop up anymore. I was the only one who could join my server and thats bad, very bad.

Ive restarted my pc, reconfigured the port, reinstalled byond completely but still got the same problem. Even if i wait a night, the next morning i check it isnt there. Ive changed nothing and what ive changed in the config of the station shouldnt really matter but ive changed it back like it was when it worked so thats not the problem.

Does anybody know what it could be? I got a static IP to my computer for the server and also reconfigured the IP and configured it again with the port as i already told a bit.
BTW, I will keep my server online now until i find an answer. you could check for me if you can find it in the list on the website but im sure it isnt there. thank you
internet connection is also working perfectly....
Today ive tried to make a network path which worked so i could use a network path in dreamon deamon to my station but still no succes. I also tried putting up online different station codes, the older alien station and the new one both on my LAPTOP and servercomputer but still no succes. I've tried setting up different ports and give my pc and laptop another IP via both DHCP and STATIC but still no succes. The only thing that could be wrong is something with my router, something is not connected, not working but the connection are open, firewall has been turned off on my serverpc so thats not a problem, please help me, how the fuck do i get my station back online?!
Today ive recompiled and updated the station code and set up a new port. I also shut the router of for 10 sec and plugged it in again. All of this gave me no succes, i also reinstalled byond again and checked the computers IP several times, changed some things in the router setup.

All i have to say is that im lost....
I dont know it anymore, i cannot get it working anymore. I need help otherwise its over for Alien Station.