Spirit Age

by Chris Gayle
Spirit Age
An amazing action adventure game in a fantasy world on mystical islands
We're all cleared folks, so we've published the campaign. Ending on March 2nd, it's gonna be February journey.

http://www.thespiritage.com || https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/chrisjgayle/ the-spirit-age-2d-aa-prpg

Spirit Age Heroes
We've got lots of concepts for heroes btw

If you have or know of any forums or ways you could suggest to us to spread the word, we're open to suggestions. Thanks in advance.

Good luck.
I just backed the project, good luck guys, although i find the goal a bit too high, it's reasonable but you never know how things might go, for 20k+ you'll have to run a great campaign to make it.

If you can spread the word out there, get some articles on important gaming sites such as indiestatik, indiegames, joystiq, etc, it's very doable. Getting some press attention is very important.
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Much appreciated, I spent a lot of time going over the goal, brought it down to a science in excel to be accurate. To accomplish what we need for this launch, which also is a great improvement on what we have to show today, I believe the value may have seem high but I promise it is well thought out & worth it. So we'll have to accept a little risk.

Goal is a great campaign, at the very least the best we can muster.
Have you done any marketing of any kind?

Your goal does seem rather high for a game with no background other than byond. Do you have a website that has a hidden couple thousand visiters per day we don't know about?

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Akando5959 wrote:
Have you done any marketing of any kind?

Your goal does seem rather high for a game with no background other than byond. Do you have a website that has a hidden couple thousand visiters per day we don't know about?

We haven't been marketing the game, that is naturally a part of this campaign.

I'm not sure why so you are so negative about BYOND, I think this is a great background. An entire community of developers around this platform and players who give advice and support? I believe this is easily a great place to start.
I wonder how new KickStarter projects are given traffic by the website, since there's thousands of them at any one time. I'm guessing projects are prioritized depending on how much they're being funded from the get go.

Best of luck with this. I'm gonna announce it in-game tonight when Eternia hits prime time, so maybe that'll help a little.
I don't know why but I am very happy to see this project on KickStarter and the direction it is going in. The hard work you guys have done is definitely going to pay off.

Oh and if you want more publicity I would suggest Zane to post advertisement on PixelJoint and Pixelation as well. As he is a Pixeljoint member I am sure they will let him post the ad. It's going to get you good amount of traffic and backers for KickStarter!

Good luck!
I am not being negative about byond. As I will back the project because it is from byond, but as to what I mean is your game has 970 fans, but only a third have played your game. You have done no marketing other than to byond. So my idea is even if all the fans of your game backed it twice you would still not make your goal.

Also from what I've seen the only thing you are using to capture peoples interest are some pictures. When I am looking for kickstarters or pre releases to support I only pay attention to the ones that have a video that demonstrates something I find interesting about the game.

I wish you the best of luck as if your kickstarter does well it only helps byond. Its just I hope yoh didbt set yourself up for failure as there is a lot of variety and unpredictability with games. You could very easily double your goal, but a at same time yoy could fall under horribly.
As someone with crowdfunding experience, albeit with medical research, not video games, I strongly recommend promoting your project via social media or a press release publication to various news outlets. Crowd sourcing campaigns are not easy, but can be accomplished with savvy social media exposure. Create a twitter for the game, follow anyone that discusses indie games, crowdfunding, etc. Tweet at them about your campaign, ask them to retweet to their followers. Basically you want to start a dialogue and encourage discussion.

You'd be surprised how many people you can reach with social media and I strongly recommend do not rely solely on click throughs from kickstarter. I reached 1000s of more people each day via social media, compared to the 100 or so viewers that happened to click through.

Good luck.
Akando's got a point, you barely show your game's content. I'm not saying you're going to fail to reach the goal, but you seriously should display longer videos. Otherwise they will only see some good-looking characters running around and hitting some monsters. The video seemed more like a trailer, and to get money through Kickstarter you should focus more on the content, and less on those great images that are shown at the beginning.

I wish you accomplish your goal!
I've gotten a lot of feedback and various articles to read in order to make the best of the next 30 days, so that's kept me from responding as quickly as I should here.

Everything you guys suggest and your concerns I am taking into consideration. The video however takes a long time to render on my soft old laptop + everything else becomes impossible to run. So i'm putting it off just a little to make the suggested improvements to the website, kickstarter page & social media.

Realizing some things like requesting interviews should have been managed prior, but that's nothing to worry about today. We've gotten featured on a few forums & channels from people sharing it around, so it's starting, slowly but hopefully surely. Thanks for the support guys.
i actually saw it on facebook first, lol. Good luck, but still exceptionally disappointing to see that you're still nowhere near being done.
No where near A2j.
If you're no where near done, why make a kickstarter....?
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VongolaXEspada wrote:
If you're no where near done, why make a kickstarter....?

because that's their latest plan for finishing it?
Thats why it's called a kickstarter
Many people see it & really like it, I understand the holdups in making the funding goal in a few short days, they just wonder about progress and how serious it is, as long as I satisfy them I can reduce apprehension.

I softened the marketing a moment to upgrade the pitch, and I am about to add a demo for first hand experience before doing an upgrade to the video. With that we should be good to go.

You'll realize KS really isn't a magic bowl of money lol, once you're there you come to understand that you must have a reasonable marketing budget and lots of hours to pour into getting it out there. I think i'll have tonnes of advice for any BYONDer who heads down this path.
So I wasted like an hour playing the demo and killed the giant mutant rabbit with my seemingly useless companion:

I have to say, the game is still neat and slick with the combat and equipment but I feel disappointed because I wasn't able to try out any of the amazing features shown in the more recent screenshots and video demonstrations, specifically skills. This demo is pretty much the same thing I've been playing every time I've been given a chance to play Spirit Age and there have been only minor noticeable changes each time. I understand that you've stated on multiple occasions that you have been re-programming the whole engine and fixing up performance issues but to the audience waiting to play, that doesn't really mean anything.
My plan is to open up more of the demo with the KS campaign, so I have intentionally held back. When it picks up pace and we start to make progress, the demo will open up too. Just a little marketing strategy. Keep in mind the wider audience has never seen, much less touched Spirit Age before.

Glad you enjoyed your hour, imagine when it's all done!
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