Hey all,

Currently running my SS13 server. And this stuff has been going for some time. I'm unsure what is causing it to happen, neither do I know what started it in the first place. But it's getting annoying.

An average SS13 server uses at a maximum about 300-400 MB on RAM.

This is my server:

Server uptime has only been one day. So I am not sure what it is that is causing all of this.

I decided to run SIGUSR2 to get myself some more info, but not much seems to be wrong on the memory usage at that end. But of course, I have no idea if that's Bytes, KiloBytes, MegaBytes, or whatever.

server mem usage:

obj: 1072860 (6505)
mob: 1075276 (151)
proc: 8527828 (15343)
str: 3921435 (75410)
appearance: 5859679 (9889)
id array: 8539580 (29374)
map: 2291304 (255,255,6)

mobs: 111540 (113)
objs: 13915584 (55727)
datums: 5751376 (55727)
lists: 11080952 (304313)

Any ideas here on how I can check what is causing this memory leak? Any help is appreciated.
Does the memory usage steadily climb, or spike to that level and stay there?

And if it's been happening for a few weeks, have a look and see what changes might have been made to the codebase; afaik you're using github for baystation so you should be able to check that.
Incidentally, what is the memory use of the BYOND world itself? You seem to have provided a VPS-wide memory use, which will include other system processes.
It's climbing steadily. And I would check out what changes I made that could have caused them, but my SVN server went to shit recently (I have no idea why.). But it's not repairable and it's all lost. So I am hoping for alternative methods.

The regular memory usage for the BYOND world is, as I said, around 300-400 MB of RAM.

Any way, those memory usage statistics, is that Kilobytes, megabytes, bytes? What is it?
MB is Megabyte. What version of SS13 are you using? I told TG people to turn off/remove the set background spam and the memory building up like that went away but there are still leaks.
We know MB is Megabyte, but he was asking what unit of measurement the memory stats are in; it doesn't list one.
I would say it's bytes.

Anything else would just be outrageously huge..
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Jittai wrote:
MB is Megabyte. What version of SS13 are you using? I told TG people to turn off/remove the set background spam and the memory building up like that went away but there are still leaks.

Using my own custom baystation build. I did take over TG's commit on setting backgrounds toggleable. Which have since been turned off. (Although some were re-created and just set to 1 for anti-lag purposes)

EDIT: After checking out a new sigusr2, counting up all the memory things and then calculating from bytes to MegaBytes, apparantly the amounts in there are a mere 70 MB. So something else must be using up the other 580 MB. But what.
I guess I'll have to wait and see if it happens again, run Sigusr2, see what shows up that time.
Can you show us the output from

free -m

And also


When you see this happen next please :)
As requested. been monitoring it for some time now. It's on 1708 MB, so not yet at it's limits. But it should be the same.

free -m:

And top:
There's no runtime errors on my logfiles, and nothing that I'd consider "weird", still this damn thing keeps eating my RAM.
That's .. a hell of a lot of RAM..
Yeah. And I have not a damn clue what it is being caused by. For some reason I'm suspecting BYOND to be the issue, but I am unsure. Unsure of pretty much anything at this point, to be honest.
What version of BYOND are you using?

Do you have multithreading enabled?
The latest, multi threading disabled because it works a lot worse on a VPS.
Sorry .. Latest (503.1224) or BETA (504.1230) ?

Try reverting back
Reverted back to the latest. Was using beta previously. Lets see if this goes any better.
Nope, the whole thing is still going up. Using about 850 MB right now. This is getting silly.. I have no idea of tracing where it comes from, either.