Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
Hey. I've hosted a ton of games on byond, But none as rediculously long, tedious and confusing as space station! xD I've tried, I can get the host files and actually host but I am not sure if I can make my server show on the hub and I cant seem to make admins. If somebody had skype and knew how would they be willing to walk me through it and give me a helping hand with this? i would be very greatful if somebody would ^^ if anybody is willing add me on skype. my skype name is kairu-korinotsu and just send a message saying your from byond and wanted to help with my space station server. thanks alot ^^
did you also opened the dme of your station code and modified the in the map code? Did you first of all compile it?
I had a friend help me sort out most of it. so i have all the admin stuff working and i can host. but for some reason i cant host a public server or get it on the hub rather. ive done the hub code thingy but i dont know.
So your friend also opened a port via your router setup and made a static IP which is best for hosting? And did he also shut off or modified the firewall? If this have been setup and it still doesn't work then read my topic, im really deep in shit, somehow i cannot get my server up anymore and ive done anything i know so far. I have done this more then once so i know what to do but this is literally byond anything.