by Supercoolgoku
Come and join the Naruto world and create your own life and your own adventure what you are waiting for !
Owner: Supercoolgoku ( Duragon )
CO_Owner: Mohanadhamdy ( Mohanad )
Game Master : Omarhamdyvegeta ( Omar )
Game Master : Victorcoelh
Host: Supercoolgoku ( Duragon ) _ Victorcoelh ( Vixk )
Iconner ( kai208 )
A Very speical thank to AngelReincarnation and Cart12 Who help me in coding some stuff in the game

A Naruto Based game where you can find Fun and Fair Admins to help you Any bugs you find please report to any admin online or put it on the Forums

By the way iam still testing the game and this game is a ( NNG ) Rip but iam working with my helpers in changing this game to be the best game ever and this game gonna change for NNG rip to a good game :)