I decided to search around for a good place to start with social networking websites and what I came across was great.

Here is what it is so far: About

The reason I directed you to the about is so you can see what we are trying to be and not what we are currently.

Updates: Just finished client-side THEME customization where a client can modify the layout of the WHOLE page and as long as they're signed in, they get their "home" feel.
Looks like a fairly polished Facebook knockoff.
logo is ugly and shouldn't be called Ssj4justdale Networking if your looking for people to join needs a more appealing name.
I very much agree, if you were to read the about page, it is just a temporary place holder until a future name is decided, which will be done by the community.
By the BYOND community? Don't we already have a facebook group? Don't we already have these forums which double as social networking since we lost blogs (RAISES FIST)?
In response to Lugia319
I miss the blogs and the custom CSS option. Also using <link rel> stuff for CSS on hub pages, those were good times.

But this is just something I'm doing on my spare time and I never really intended it to be BYOND heavy, just another place to go and since I'm off on on BYOND, I just thought I'd share it to the people of BYOND.

It contains no ads and needs testing so it helps me and it helps the users.

By the community, I meant the community of my network.