by MiroCreations
With only 30 moves allowed, how far can you go in this little puzzle game?
Fun little game that would've been even better if I had a pixel artist to help me out.
Neat little game. Couple quick things.
No instructions on how to move blocks and its not intuitive. Normally, you click on one (highlights) and then you click on another to swap. The click and drag thing works fine once you figure it out. There is a bug where if you click and drag off the first and then back on without lifting the mouse button, you get docked a move even though nothing moves.
Also if you click and drag off the screen or into an empty space, that also counts as a move.
I'm also seeing a bug where removing the bottom row first results in blocks falling in the wrong order. Seems like the second row isn't moving down.

Repro with horizontal block removal and possibly not vertical.
Another bug where you can move blocks into blank spaces to finish a set of 3.
On the last move, it ends immediately not allowing blocks to fall into place and possibly scoring more.

In fact, I don't think it scores the last match if you end on a match.
I like it :) What were you looking for pixel art wise? It could definitely use a little 'glitz' using some of the new animation effects, but overall I really like the idea of this. The limited moves keeps it from dragging on for too long which some of these games have a tendency to do.

Good work so far :)
Scoring does seem to be a little random, especially at the end of rounds. Sometimes, blocks seem to drop through other blocks, rather than all falling down in order.

EDIT: I guess PopLava pretty much reported these already... I'm a bit slow.