Hey guys, back here with another question which follows up my previous post regarding music and whatnot.

The server has had good success with the music things, and more is being added every time. The issue becoming that we went from a 30-40 MB cache file off to 70+ MB.

I've looked into preload_rsc. But I am afraid that this is really *only* for the .rsc file.

Can I upload regular files in a .zip using this function, and will it add them to the player's cache, or am I misunderstanding it's use?
If you upload a zip to the player's cache, it's not going to do a whole lot for you, because BYOND has no way of handling zipped files automatically for you.

Also, preload_rsc applies to sounds and music too, because they are part of the rsc.
From the info on dream maker:

"Resources may also be distributed from a website to save bandwidth on the machine hosting the game. Simply zip up the .rsc file, upload it to a web site, and put the URL here. "

It works with the .rsc file, according to this. But I need to upload only the music seperate from the rsc. is this even possible?
No. Games can have one .rsc file at a time and that's it.