Will the standalone .exe client contain multiplayer or no??

This is important so I know if I should continue development of something or not.

Yes I know I will need to pay for the client.
Yes, the client is simply a wrapper around the login system + DreamSeeker. It can do anything a normal BYOND game can. And you don't necessarily have to pay for it.. we work with individual games to come up with a mutually beneficial arrangement.
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Thank you, that is exactly what I thought, just needed some confirmation.
Tom, I know I have yet to publish any content and specifics matter in everything but:

Have you considered allowing the standalone client to be at no-charge if the bookkeeping/processing fully goes through BYOND? ( I think I read the plans were something like BYOND keeps a 25% cut?)
That's pretty much how it is.
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Cool :P
Is there a reason BYOND doesn't have a wallet system? A lot of other gaming systems (e.x., Steam) provides a wallet where you can deposit money, which can be used to purchase content without having to go through a payment processor.

Obvious logistical nightmares aside (if someone wants to withdraw money from their wallet and you already spent it on keeping the place running...) are there plans to introduce such a feature if the financial situation starts to look up?
BYOND used to use a wallet system know as BYOND Dimes but they stopped that a while back, just like their cafe express store
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I wouldn't mind seeing BYOND Dimes come back.
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I agree, I was around when it was there but next thing I knew it was gone :o

I never had the time to take advantage of it :/
I don't know when it left, During my first years of BYOND, I only really used it for Final Resurrection & Castle lol.

Global BYONDimes were considered again but the per-hub credits system was put in place instead, it's a lot easier to manage and secure. BYONDimes ended up costing Dantom a fortune in the end thanks to certain abusive users.
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I love the credits system. I made a central hub so anything I make will use the same credits platform.

Say if you have 20 credits in a game, you have 20 credits in my Asset Center.

**Note** since I no longer see the resource center around, I created an Asset Center