I'm not sure many people still keep up with bleach but hot dang! I've been waiting for the day Rukia busts out a bankai, what a way to end. I'm practically salivating for the next issue!
Oh snap I'm going to read it now to have a look at it!
You don't get to see it, she says bankai at the end of this weeks issue. Will be in nexts weeks!
I'll have to read next week, I read todays, I have no idea what's even going on now lol. I stopped after Aizen was defeated.
I have a pet peeve about not finishing something I've started reading, I have to see them through to the end, even if they get shit.
Honestly, every since I started watching/reading Attack on Titans and Shingeki no kyojin everything is looks lame.

The Quincy had a nice run of owning the shinigami but of-course it's the heroes time to shine and the heroes will eventually win. What made bleach most interesting to me were the Espada and as a group they don't even exist anymore because Aizen is being held and most of the Espada died. Only Grimmjow and Harribel survived.
I'd like to know what the hell happened to nell and her gang... Unless I've missed something are they not still hanging around?
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MechaCloud wrote:
I'd like to know what the hell happened to nell and her gang... Unless I've missed something are they not still hanging around?

Well, they're just MIA, alive but MIA. Wandering in Las Noches. If memory serves me correctly, we've ran into Nel during the Las Noches Quincy invasion.
I'm glad bleach is picking up again. Maybe Kubo finally realized how dull his plot was getting. I like how the whole "shinigami might be the bad guys" that has been hinted at for a while now.

Bleach has been slowly going downhill since the Soul Society arc (which is by far the best, it was written very well and blew you out of the water on the big Aizen reveal), and I still secretly hope Kubo can surprise me and make me appreciate the story more, but that's a long shot.

As for this chapter, I REALLY like that Byakuya didn't take over the fight. By choosing to stay out and acknowledge and mentor Rukia, I think that's going to bring Rukia up to where the rest of the group is (Let's be honest, she's been less useful than Orihime for the longest time) and actually develop her and give her some well-needed attention.
I was pleased he didn't just take over too, that happens way too often in rukia's fights to the point where she was starting to seem more like a thirtary character rather than a secondary character. It's about time they showed some growth not just between them as siblings but in rukia's character full stop.