Pokemon Red Steel

by Fire_Laena
Pokemon Red Steel
Become a Pokemon or trainer, and join our growing community!
Hi, could someone write description of this game (2-4 lines) - i need it for aanime hub..
And i need a video of this game( if there is no video, i wana see a epicimage of the game)
and this game still have new uptades?
Hello Prost,

Thank you for showing interest in the game.
But first of all: Could you send us a link to the anime hub? So we can check it out.

The description would be something like this:

Welcome to Pokemon Red Steel! Ever wanted to be the greatest trainer of them all? Want to become a Gym Leader? We have the possibilities! Or do you want to play as a Pokemon and have a chance on becoming a shiny, or even better, [b]a Legendary Pokemon[/b]!? Join us today and find out!

Unfortunately there isn't really a video, you can make your own if you wish but I want to see it before you post it on the anime hub.

And since our Coder/Mapper/Iconer (Yes all in one) is currently bussy with RL stuff, we don't have updates really unfortunately.

Hope to hear from you soon,