Naruto: Eternal Memories

by Eternal_Memories
Naruto: Eternal Memories
Join various worlds in a battle between the evil and the good!
It has come to my attention several Admins are abusing of their power, I think this should end, I wanna enjoy a game that I don't get muted just for typing "lol", I will put an example of an admin that did this, all I did was 2v1 him and he raged when I said "lol" and he muted me for 10 minutes for no reason at all, please take this admins out of their positions, they do not follow rules and abuse of their admin powers. Just take them down, this is the kind of admins that do not let games as good as this be more popular.

Akatsuki has won, all the Alliance Shinobis are dead!
Hinata has been killed by Itachi!
You've been rewarded with 10 Ryo!

- The Following Characters Were Disabled By Admins On This Round:


{D Rank Missing-Nin, None} Leo Wylder: LOL!
{Academy Student, None} Supevict- Sage Naruto: Gaara.
{Academy Student, None} Supevict- Sage Naruto: D to dodge
- Neckbreaker has logged off! -
Leo Wylder has been muted by Hellokira for 10 minutes!
Reason: You're not funny
You're muted, you can't talk.
{Akatsuki - Tobi, None} Hellokira: What's pissing me off the most
{Akatsuki - Tobi, None} Hellokira: Is that you guys could have joined leaf
{Academy Student, None} Supevict- Sage Naruto: wouldn't make any difference
{Academy Student, None} Supevict- Sage Naruto: i suck
{Academy Student, None} Supevict- Sage Naruto: hard.
{Akatsuki - Tobi, None} Hellokira: I'm sick of this community and I realize why I left
I'll own up to this. I apologize for muting you I've been a bit frustrated lately over a few reasons. Coming back to the game I jumped the gun a bit and pretended like I never left and that's not how I should be acting.

I've worked out something with Teen over skype that hopefully Fran will understand on the topic of my adminship.