Hey I've overlayed an output control over top of a map control, with the goal of having player chat shown overlaying the map, but with the background of the output control being transparent, so that you can see the map thru the output still.

I've done this before, if I remember right it had SOMETHING to do with setting the background of the chat window to a transparent image.

But I can't figure it out now. Does anyone know this trick and can refresh my memory?

Or maybe you know another way? Thanks
You can do this using a transparency color, however it will force your game to run in software rendering mode, as any transparent controls on your interface will always do.
Yes but then the text also becomes transparent. A long time ago someone told mea way to have it so that the text was fully visible but the background of the output was fully transparent.

It had something to do with setting a transparent image for the background. I used it for quite a while in my game.

I'm not sure but I don't even think it used the transparency color options.
The only way to do transparent controls is using the transparency color option (if you want to utilize it for more than translucent popups).

People generally set it to a color they won't be using in their game at all (hot pink for instance) and color the parts they want to bleed through with that color.

BYOND just doesn't have much support for transparent controls (because Windows doesn't), especially when it comes to the map.

If you want it to look half-decent you're better off just spitting the output to a HUD on the map itself.
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I figured something out. In the picture that is an output control with a transparent background yet perfectly visible text. The only problem seems to be that I can't use the mouse wheel to scroll thru it.
I think a slightly less transparent background would work best. That text could get hard to read like that.