Shinobi Saga

by Crazah
Shinobi Saga
A unique, character-driven roleplaying game set in the Naruto universe.

If the above download link fails for whatever reason, an external link is availiable.

A sequel to Era of the Shinobi from the creators of the original. Set in an alternative timeline, Shinobi Saga offers a unique, long term role playing experience that sets itself apart from competition by driving home a character driven plot and strong activity based progression.
Cant submit citizen sheet and it says unable to open cache file. what does that mean?
Can I get unbbaned dont know why i am banned but i am sooo thank you.
Tried to log in for the first time and I'm banned doe. Never played this before.
Do you just put in a name without a last name and luckily get a canon clan or do you put it in yourself?
I'm still banned from a long time ago even though you unbanned me, can I get a un-banned again?
Any info about SS coming back? check it out and fan! We're releasing soon! ill make you a tester and give you early access!