you've been improving a lot lately
Practice make perfect
Repetition is the mother skill. - Antony Robbins

I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times. - Bruce Lee
@Yut Put Brother.. I don't know but maybe try to compliment me in an indirect way next time. I have no idea why but I start to take everything the wrong way.. get overconfident probably. But thanks a lot :D

@Xyberman Yeah man.. Hours and Hours of practice. I have to start devoting every minute into art to reach where I want to be..

@Candle_Jack_9000 What the hell!? You too read Anthony Robbins? Those quotes.. I have read them and I really feel connected with them. Haha, you are impressing me with every post. Add me on Skype bro: a2j2emerald

I have created my Tumblr blog, more like a proper website so everything is organized - Things I make into categories of Digital Painting, Pixel Art, Sketches and other things like Games, Books, etc.

Check it out:
Actually I found some dating book that quoted him, so I googled it and found that quote and Bruce Lee's. Lol!

I'm trying to do the same but terrible with time management. Lol!

Reading a book on Walt Disney though.
i'd like to see more landscapes but honestly i just like seeing landscapes

Piece for Reddit Sketchdaily.

Today's Topic - Stockings.
that female anatomy is.... something
In response to Yut Put
Yut Put wrote:
that female anatomy is.... something

Definitely didn't understand. o.o
Female anatomy reminds me of the Spitter from L4D2.
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UPD4T3 wrote:
Female anatomy reminds me of the Spitter from L4D2.

I have no idea if that's a good or bad thing :#


Is that supposed to be you?
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Fugsnarf wrote:
Is that supposed to be you?

Yeah. But they are so so many faults, I can't even count! I see them just now :/

Gotta redo it.
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This is nice, I really like the color choice and the way it was applied. I know this style of art takes a lot of practice but you did awesome.
The shading appliance is nailed. I sketch every other day now, but I haven't played around much with color yet.
I gave try to some non pixel related animation:

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