Space Station 13

by Exadv1
Space Station 13
Stay alive inside Space Station 13
Hello, my name is Dre. I was an administrator for one of the top SS13 servers for 6 months, with the last 2 of those months being spent as the head administrator. Recently, I decided with 2 fellow staff of mine to venture off on our own, and start our own server. Many of the guys I had worked with for months decided to follow me, and now we have a dream team of staff, some of the best admins SS13 has to offer. I encourage you all to check our server, and give SPQR Station a shot! We get most of our players at night Eastern Standard Time, but I hope you all can help us change that!
Website URL?
Our current forum address is, but I recently purchased our own domain name, which will go into effect as soon as I figure out how the hell domain names and website hosting works.
ATTENTION**** DO NOT JOIN THIS SERVER. They call themselves a rp server. I joined and an ai had electrified every single door on the arrivals shuttle. I adminhelped, and I get muted from EVERYTHING all I stated was in RP servers, spawn killing is OFF LIMITS. How do you expect to get a player base if new players join and cant even leave the arrivals shuttle? You won't. Dre your stupid for leaving jaggers team your admins don't listen to you, and use their powers willy nilly. It's sad because I switched from new eden to this . HUDE MISTAKE.
Thank you for insulting me and ruining my thread, when you very well could have gone to me.

1. Why did you not post this on the forums? This sounds horrific.
2. I'm on quite often, as are the co-owners. Why did they not see this occur?
3. Why have I never seen your name before, on Eden or SPQR?
Seriously man? I know I've seen your name before, but I obviously wasn't on when this happened. You should have gotten in touch with us about it...hell, you still can. That's not the sort of stuff we allow on our server, and I personally would be very interested to figure out exactly what happened, and to prevent it from occurring in the future. Feel free to message Dre or I any time on the pager.
I sincerely apologize linax. The admin who did this has been on our watch list for a bit now. From my understanding, the AI was malfunctioning, but they way you were treated is against how the rest of us operate.