Hey I was wondering, to the byond comunity, what attack system would be liked more. Regular, walk and attack. Turn based attack. Or another system. What would you guys like to see in games. This is opinions, not set in stone.

Personally I like the turn based system from stuff like FF or dragon warrior better than the games on byond, whereas you just run around throwing out attacks.

Just wanted to know because this will kinda help me out a tad bit.
I'm saying this at my expense, because i am trying to create a battle system in this manner:

Turn-based RTS.

Give each mob a turn, and a set amount of time to act in that turn. Whether its to move on the battlefield, to attack, to use an item, to run, w/e.

Or instead of time, use command points. Every time someone moves during their turn, take off command points. If they attack, use an item, do the same. then give them an end turn option.

That's one of my favourite ways of battling.
it really depends on the type of game i reckon.

certain games work well in turn based while others dont, its also a matter of style. its YOUR game hence "Build YOUR own net dream" so its really how you want to do it

Personally i prefer the freedom of being able to "run around and throw attacks" as it provides more freedom to the player and also allows lower players to possibly maneuver around stronger people and potentially win if there fast enough. as opposed to turn based where its pretty much first attacker wins or strongest attacker wins.
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Well thats where a final fantasy attack system would work out well, it counts the speed, and keeps the turn going (potentially dangerous). However I do like the other guys point, that your given so many points to use on a turn, that would be a well used system if its implemented correctly.
Well I can tell you now that turn based game styles are a bit over done at the moment but whatever style you enjoy is really what you should be using.