Bleach Eternity: Extreme

by TheSilencedOne
Bleach Eternity: Extreme
Based on Falacy's Bleach Eternity.
Originally created by Falacy, Oct 10 2008.
I would like to thank Falacy for the time and effort of creating Bleach Eternity.

Bleach Eternity: Extreme consists of 300+ quests, tons of equipment, numerous enemies, Guilds, plenty of verbs that are located in your "Commands" tab, also a feature to resize your screen! Teamwork is key! You'll progress much faster while working together in a Party. Check the help files for even more information.
...So much more to come.

Soul Reaper
Hollow-Gillian-Adjuchas-Vasto Lorde

Base ( Every 50 Levels )
Quest ( Every 25 completed quests )
Class ( Every 10 Levels )
Sub Class ( Every 5 Levels )
Squad Bonuses

Transformations - More Coming Soon..
Bount - Fusion
Quincy - ( 3 available )
Human - Fullbring ( 2 available )
Soul Reaper - Shikai + Bankai ( 13 available )
Vaizard - Mask, v2 Mask, v3 Mask
Arrancar - Resurrección ( 4 Available )

Silent, hurry with this update, so i can play.
when i get on, the game doesnt respond, and when it does, i lose connection
I'm personally not having any issues logging into the server.
hey can someone please explain how can i get the fullbring
and btw where can i find grimmjow for aizens quest?/
Hey silenced when is the next update???
Wow, it's really been a while. How's this game evolved? I used to play Falacy's original version years ago. Spent so much time on this back then xD Would really like to see how you've done, Silenced. Thanks for taking this project.