I've had plenty of great game ideas, and I'm capable of making each and every one of them(as I ALWAYS think of how hard a project can or can not be before I start it) but no matter what, my motivation on making a game goes down. We all know we always have a good start up, but days later, you lose sight of your goal, or you begin to lose motivation.

I'm sure on average, whenever I start a project it usually crashes around the point I reach the end of creating the core, and maybe even just the middle. Is there any way to stop this? Is it just my general thought pattern or personality? What could be causing me to do this, and how hard would it be to train myself to avoid such a path?
For me it's kind of the same, I'll work on the game non stop for a good while, then get burnt out on it. I've found that taking a break from it, then coming back later got me a bit more motivated. Also working on the project with a friend or 2, but these may only be what helps me, dunno about you.
Same problem here.
My motivation is active people online on the game I'm working on, when they are interested in it, not act to be interested. But people rarely get interested in games at early stages so motivation is none...

These difficulties motivate to add another few rip games to already infinite list
I think staying motivated to continue working on a game and updating it often is a skill in itself.