I've been looking at this for a little while, in FF V: Another World on the hub, they have a nice little gradient fill for the text boxes. What I've been trying to decide it if the effect is dynamic or if they just drew out each gradient fill and just laid it behind the text box depending on the menu type. Based on how many menus there actually are (battle, battle message, npc, main menu) I'd guess they drew out four different fills which doesn't seem like a lot, but the effect it still pretty cool. What do you think?
A screenshot and a link to the hub entry would both seem relevant to the discussion.

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Wow, that game looks nice!

The gradient is probably done ahead of time in a program like photoshop. Dynamically generating gradients would be a huge waste of CPU.
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Window Panes with background images for the win? o.o;
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I'd guess those are hud/screen objs and not the interface system at all.