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It's been a while since I seen a post about the webclient {formerly known as the flash client} and would just like some information on the progress, no rush at all.

I'm sure others are just as curious as I am.
The last comment Tom made regarding this topic was:

Tom wrote:
This current project is effectively a subset of DreamSeeker within an HTML5 API. The BYOND 4.0 features will be replaced with a purely javascript implementation that will be up to the developers to define (eg, you would define controls via javascript on the server, send them to the client, and interact with them with input() and output()). So in theory this is offloading the development from us to the userbase, giving you guys greater functionality at the cost of more labor (which is what I think the power users have wanted for a long time).

If this works, then one thing we could do is wrap it along with the server in a more modern cross-platform UI to support single-player exes as well.