Yo where is everyone? It's Been some years but where are the games.

Naruto Online?
Mystical Journey?

Something about byond. Even if 10 years goes by, you can never forget.
BYOND had to cease and desist. If the game could be copy right claimed it was removed from the public list. Now they exist on some private lists, I'm sure someone can give you a link to them.
Mystic Journey sadly died years ago.
I didn't get to know Naruto Online because it was rarely hosted, and probably not even finished
I don't know about the others...
SHARIF MY BRO IT'S BUSTER OMG it's been so long, join Bleach: Las Noches, it's what I'm working on these days.
WOTS is still being worked on.
There is Mystic Destiny not-a-days its like Mystic Journey with add ons
If you use your pager and search for "Active" games, you can find ones still up.

Also, if you ever liked Bleach Shinzui, it is up again as well.
They all died happy deaths, filled with daisies, fluffy bunnies, and "Friendship is Manly" re-runs.
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