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Hey guys, I'm making an interface for my project. To make it look better, I decided to make an icon (Or actually, 10) that represent a power bar.

So, my way to go around this was to create an image, as so:
var/image/I = new/image('powerobjs.dmi', icon_state = "powbar[powerlevel]")

And after that, I add it to my output, like this:
output += "[I]"

However, it doesn't appear in the interface, I tried both icon and image. But I just can't get it to show. Is it impossible or am I overlooking something?

Thanks in advance.
Best response
Are you trying to output to an output control or a browser control?

Keep in mind, that browse_rsc() doesn't work with /image, but it does work with /icon.
// For a browser
var/icon/I = icon('myicon.dmi',icon_state = "whatever")
src << browse_rsc(I,"myicon_whatever.png")
src << output("<img src=myicon_whatever.png>","mywindow.mybrowser")

// For an output
var/image/I = image('myicon.dmi',icon_state = "whatever")
src << output("\icon[I]","mywindow.output")
I already have a very basic interface (Image:
which is where I need the image implemented into. But I'm not sure if it is even possible, if not, I'll have to think of another method.
Definitely possible, using the first example I showed you to browse_rsc() the images into a format usable by the browser control. You could probably even employ some fancy javascript and whatnot to make it smoother.