So those of you that know me may have realized that I have no been around for quite some time. I took a temporary leave of BYOND but came back about a month or so ago when I had an idea. I am currently working on a game called "Sinaria: Unchartered Lands", which those of you who had read any of my Sinaria stories would know all too well. In Sinaria: Unchartered Lands the players will enter a world devised of Over a hundred large maps, each randomly generated on the first day I bring up the server. Those maps will stay like that until I bring the game down for good.

Players will begin by finding a spot across this map that they feel is a good spot for them. Ideal spots would be nearby trees, water, grass, clay, and stone. By doing so, they will start the development of small projects such as devices to cut the trees into processed wood, etc.

As the game goes on I will implement facilities in which the users can use to train new skills. Rather than costing money, they will cost materials, such as hardearned stones or bulks of wood. Learning these skills will allow players to make new devices or buildings.

The lawmaking system will be entirely playerbased, just like everything else. Someone suggests a law at the "Voting Box", and then must meet a requirement of at a certain number of people, based on the games population, who have to agree that this suggestion becomes a bill. From there, a set of represenatives, chosen by players, will choose to pass or deny the bill into a law. If the law is doable on the side of me and the other coders, we will implement it ASAP.

When I say nearly everything in this game will be playerbased, I mean everything. Look for a website or forum up within the week.
That game sounds great. I would like to play it sometime.
I think the game idea sounds pretty good right now. But you said that you will generate hundreds of maps at start, is that really needed? On the first day you could generate maybe one or two maps, then once you reach a about 30 players on the server or more you could generate another map. So after a day has passed you may have 5 new maps generated. Then I have the idea of unloading the map once everyone who has property on it leaves the game. Then it will reload if on play comes back on.
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What we originally planned on doing was indeed starting with a small number of maps, and add more as time goes, but what we wanted was the ability to be far...VERY far from the main group of people, HOWEVER, we recently had a new idea which will change this.

Every week the server will cleanse itself of objects, such as projects or buildings, that someone has created, if the person hasnt been online in a week or more. Now, you have the option to set a "Vacation" Mode, which will allow up to two or three weeks without being online, but you must have put a certain amount of time into the game, so we know you are actually playing, before using Vacation Mode. That set amount of time has yet to be decided.

With this system, we are going to stick with a few maps to start, and add more as time goes on as you had suggested.
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Armiris wrote:
That game sounds great. I would like to play it sometime.

This sound similar to Republic Online... Is this what you were basing your idea off of? Just out of curiousity. I have played republic, but it has a lot of flaws in it that seem very unrealistic.

I my self have tried to model a game off of the Republic Online game, though I feel my skills are quite lacking....

I would be interested in seeing such a game.
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We actually started the game based around 'A Tale in the Desert' but quckly changed focus and now I'd like to think we are making a truely unique game.
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Really cool idea. There is not alot of games that envolve the player's decision. Although will other features be available like hunting, housemaking, etc?
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Yes. We have a preliminary Tier 1 (Easiest to make) and Tier 2 list of tasks and projects availiable to the users, which will be visible on the forums when they come up in the coming days.
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Will it be comunity based? In republic, you belonged to a country, and depending on your status (which was voted on by the country itself) you had diffent abilities as well as responsabilities.

Everyone also had jobs (which was purely for income) based on your health, strength and intellegence. The only problem I saw with that aspect was that the doctor job was the only job that benifitted the country, but you could just rest to heal, so it became worthless. It would be neat if certain jobs needed to be filled to expand a country...

Anywayz, keep going it sound kool.
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The game is certainly community put it simply, if you guys choose a bad leader and he leads the game into Anarchy and Chaos...well, you just may have to wait until the second edition of the game ;)
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So does a leader say a speech and a player reads like on a message board in a city or will it be on the forum? Also will there be individual cities and they have mayors, etc?
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Yeah, I was going to say the purely-player-based voting system sounded exactly like the one in A Tale in the Desert, and that you should try ATITD for inspiration. Apparently you're one step ahead of me!
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OpalSphere wrote:
The game is certainly community put it simply, if you guys choose a bad leader and he leads the game into Anarchy and Chaos...well, you just may have to wait until the second edition of the game ;)

There's no deposing of dictators? Seems that in a game that's entirely player-based, it seems odd that public consensus would have no influence on the rank of a certain player if they vote him into office and he changes the laws to remain absolute from that point on. If you're not building in a violence element, you should at least build in a hard-coded "overthrow regime" function.