Ok, I have this crazy idea...

First off, I wanted to retrieve a variable from a dedicated web address by reading a .sav using Import() I was thinking on making a level shared between all of the games I make to make my games more interesting for the players that like to follow certain developers.

I have no clue if this is possible in DM, or if I have the ability to do it, but what I have been thinking(no coding has been written yet) is to use dantoms hublib to export the savefile anytime the client logs out of the game. Then import the webaddress as the query(if thats possible) Since Dantoms hublib is there for a scoreboard it should take little revising to work it out, the only problem is trying to import a .sav from a location such as, a BYOND members site, or a local host like geocities. If anyone has any opinions or knows if this is possible, just let me know.

This is my second idea, I belive the first one would work better but just putting it out there.

I was also wondering if you could would have to use a world var, and call Topic to recieve the first .sav and if you would have to call world/Topic everytime a user logs in.

Third idea, use ImportText() to retrieve the .sav
I take it nobody has any clue about this?
Do you mean like zetas scoreing bored system?
If you do it worked for the first month then it got all buged up and dont work anymore, as you can see on the site the usr.savs are old. right hand corner under statistics.
Yes yes, its fairly possible. You may use world/Export() to connect threw HTTP, look it up.