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So, recently I have been trying to call a verb from the MouseDrop action. I have been completely unsuccessful in all of my attempts, and I do not even know if it is possible to call. I have tried using a proc, yet it does not have the same desired results as the verb does. Any help? Or can this even be done?
First show us how you've been trying to call said verb/proc. Then we can help.

MouseDrop(over_object=src,src_location,over_location, src_control,over_control,params)
NameOfVerb()//Here is where I want to call the verb, but 1) do not know how to, and 2) don't know if it is possible

usr << "potato"//any verb action
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I compiled and tested that and it worked just fine.
Ohh my. In these past few hours of working on this, I missed something so obvious. It was a simple capitalization. I feel so silly for missing something so easy to fix.
Well, thanks for the help.
That mistake happens to the best of us. Best of luck!