DragonballZ: Golden Gates

by Crystal_O
Main Owner:Crystal(Crystal_O)
Main Owner:Jinxman(Jbxman13)
Main Owner:Auora(PrincessTokine)
Main Owner:Johnny(Sirgen23)
Main Host:Jinxman(Jbxman13)
Back-up host: Mr.Freeze(Bad-boy-rich)
were game will be up and running?
Connecting to byond://

The game back up So Join Everyone
i canot loin in
i try made new it keep say empty slots
byond://BYOND.world.2071521688 Join Everyone this is a Great Goa gAME

Connecting to byond://BYOND.world.220030675...Logged in as Crystal_O.
.connected Join everyone Shinboi Final Fight Looking for Admin with Experiences
cant even make a character lol..
Wish this would come back up):
Guy the Game up Idk what happened to it yall can Join it back if yall want too
Ok The game is back up