I am currently creating one, some of you may have seen the icons already. If not, sorry you cant see them. Anyways, what types of things would you like to see in a Star Wars Game? Like: Droids, what type of battle system, FRS (Force Ranking System), GCW (Galactic Civil War), what types of skills/professions etc..

Thanks for your input!
One thing I'd like not to see are Jedi/Sith/Force Users as playable characters. They're too good, too popular, and don't really play well with everything else in the Star Wars universe.

As for a time frame for the game, I like the time around the birth of the New Republic. There was no real dominant power, but most of the familiar factions still existed.
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I semi-agree with you there. Too many jedi will kill the game. But I still want some players to be able to become one. Im still trying to decide how the system will work..
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They could all of a sudden begin to discover that they do have Jedi powers (after a random amount of time or experience). Then they go to get trained or whatever they want to do.
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I was thinking of a long term thing, like you dont find out your FS till after a while, so players dont just keep recreating in order to become FS.

(FS = Force Sensative)
I'd like to see the battle system need skill. I haven't played KotOR or Galaxies, but I think the fun part of beam-sword fighting is the skill involved.
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I was thinking of a long term thing, like you dont find out your FS till after a while, so players dont just keep recreating in order to become FS.

So you just randomly make some people unbalanced :P? Seems like poor design. If you can't balance something out you might as well leave it to be an NPC only thing. Also if character development is a key part to the game having what they can and can't be be random is likely going to just cause mass anoyance.
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Sounds like a good idea. Although I can see a few potential problem areas. For one thing the amount of people trying to scam Force Users and steal their accounts would be high.
Another would be people creating heaps of characters, although that's easy enough to combat.
You'd have to figure out how you plan on dealing with people selling accounts early on in development.
Lastly, player wiping would be a nightmare. You'd be in for so much trouble the second a Force User realised they had to start again, and probably not get a Force sensitive character again.

Just some food for thought. I still think that there's too much focus on Force Users in StarWars games and it really holds them back, but I can understand why someone would rather limit them than remove them as playable characters.
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Well you can balance out the actual Force Users abilities if you try hard enough. His idea is more to balanace out the popularity of them. Most games have fifty Jedi and two Wookies. People like being Wookies, smugglers, etc but people love being Jedi even more.

You'll probably say that if people want to be Jedi they're not going to have much fun being forced into the other roles, but I think getting your second preferance can sometimes be as much, or even more fun than getting your first.
I would like to see a real-time battle system that would be similar to that of Darke Dungeon and Jedi Arena(Rcet's game) something which combined elements from both of those would take skill to master, rather than better stats > worse stats.

You have to remember that in most games the more powerful person almost always wins, but... in most movies the under dog can overcome the giant through skill, strategy, or just plain dumb luck!
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Good point, I'll try to make a system like that when I get back from New Orleans.
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through skill, strategy, or just plain dumb luck!

Aren't these what high stats imply :P?
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Well, make Jedi suscriber-only. :P Make it expensive, too. Like, $2 a month, $20 a year or $50 for life.
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Make it around Episode 7,8, and 9 time. Find story elements here
i want to see lots and lots and lots of explosions and fire and nuking and explosions and most importantly lots of explosions
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:( i hate skill just have them have light buzzuka swords are a thing of the past
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how bout this they are like force novices type of thing and the go through quest types of things to stop the sith then when they are about to become jedi you tell them they dont really have the force you the jedi are just messing with their minds so they go to the sith and have to fight on the siths side and bring them back from destruction then they realize they do have the force and every one near them luaghs at them.
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why not wookie jedi that would be so cool a heap of fur with a sword
A big thing about the Star Wars galaxy is that it is so vast and diverse. A SW game should allow a player to tap into this throughout the game, especially player creation. An example would be to choose from a good sized list of the SW races like human, Twi'lek, wookie, Jawa, etc. or even play as a droid. A diverse population of characters would definitely be an important part.

There should always be something new to see or find out and a lot of the worlds should be available since that would provide variety. Build a droid, race a pod-racer, go on an assassination/bountyhunter mission, start up a business, or anything else imaginable.

You can find a lot of stuff if you look up star wars on wikipedia. There's detailed lists of races, weapons, planets, ships, droids, etc.
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Dont base the setting in the empire. Or the republic. Or any other overused star wars setting. Base it in the mandolorian wars, that would be badass, and i dont think its been done in any real starwars game. (KoTR doesn't count, cause the setting isn't actually in the mando war, they just reference to it alot.

</star wars fan>
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