by Acebloke
The next chapter
Wargames 2 E.d version is now out.

Its a quick update, largely to prepare it for some new features coming in the way of combat which I hope to get done this weekend. Today's update also contains whatever I managed to get done beforehand, they include apples on forest tiles, balancing for resource gains, a new building for combat unit health and improvements to the fog of war features.

The new grass tile is not in the map editor, I'll try and work on that as well over the weekend and get a new update for that.

New Features:

* New addition to tiles: The Seam is a wood/metal @ 1 'grass' tile, no food, is used to balance the game by nerfing food growth.
* Forest Tiles come with apples to start with. Apples are picked by hungry armies with the foraging tech, it then regrows in 100 turns.
* Siege units now have a chance of breaking down walls when they are in combat.
* Combat now has a maximum of 10 'phases' (one attack from each side = phase), if no unit is dead by then, the game resumes (stops perma-fighting).

New Research:

* Military Order: Bronze age research that opens up the Barracks, a building that adds +1 Max HP to units built in that town.

New Buildings:

* Barracks: As above states, a barracks adds +1 Max HP to all new units in that town.

Balance Changes:

* Villages now only supply half resources on their surrounding 4 tiles (but full on the tile its on).
* Settled towns and expanded tiles now give half resources on settled spot.
* As part of the new seam tile, grass no longer holds metal as a resource, nor can you put mines on it (but you can on seams).
* Grassfields have been nerfed. They now only give 2 food, like regular grass, but can put herds on them.
* Forest tiles once picked give no food to their respective towns. The old base half-food-cost foraging still applies however.

Other Changes:

* In blackout games, units moving to mountain tiles offer an extra ring (3 deep) of tiles of view.
* Various minor improvements to blackout.
* Crossing tiles can no longer be used for walled towns but can be a source for irrigation.
* Changed font size for some interface messages.
* Wind direction more arrowy for easier understanding.
* Siege units now have a blunt attack value to stop pointless damageless attacks.

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed a bug where switch town verb sometimes didn't jump to that town.