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Sir i am unable to host byond games it says firewall or router is interfering with your connection

I am tethering my Vodafone 3G from my Mobile

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Phones that tether are like routers. They assign IP addresses using DHCP and use an Network Address Translation to forward traffic. Ports can only be assigned to a single computer using this method so you need to configure the port to forward to the computer that is hosting specifically.

Usually by typing the default gateway address into the address bar of a browser you can sign into the router. (to find this, type ipconfig/all in cmd.exe) If you can't do this and sign in to the router, then not much you can do.
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I tried to login but it didn't work it keeps saying

Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to (address)

can you suggest something else

The tethering app on your phone may have some settings you can change for port-forwarding, if not, you're out of luck.

Hosting through a tethered mobile device isn't usually something people expect to be done.