Congratulations Silk Games for the release of NEStalgia on Steam.
Although I don't like the ads as a none-BYOND member, keep them because I don't want to go back to where none-members have to buy membership to upload a hub that was terrible or me at least because I am too poor for membership.

Um, awesome though!!! :)))
As I speak as Teka123 and myself nice work Tom!
Hmph. Now I actually like this news, considered the rest (which I commonly respond if not quietly to myself as 'meh'), I can see actual progress in the direction you're taking your old aged love to. I could be a 'hard to impressed' type for good reason. sure, you can add new codes and features to byond for a small nit community of programmers but how would players would benefit from it? Even membership is leaning towards exclusively to programmers who if they want their creations to get out would have to cash in. also rarely a game being made would make having membership that isn't a subscription worth having which I think if developers is to truly support byond would treat it equally if not making it worth having and getting consider the amount of games availible. not a big sacrifice either consider how many members that exist (few).

I guess it's a lost bit of passion that byond used to have, and I rather see newer people wondering the forum then the usual suspects (though myself tend to avoid it since older gentleman and lasses turn a bit cynical on the chat servers). I love supporting other developers when they come up with promising creations and would come on and sometimes help with dealing out subscriptions out for new players. it was good times. been on casual quest, biohazard, even gave one dev 5-year sub. these days, I don't see much activeness and I'm grown quite............bored.

I'm happy that Silk Games finally have something that's build with byond engine on steam finally, and I have remember the success in the past of getting NEStalgia to explode as it did..*shrugs* there could be many others after that year. where were they? =[

Maybe this 're-reintroduction' to greater possibilities that byond can go 'beyond' the borders of the site's hub can spark some spirits. Now, with transition to html5, we could actually benefit from running it on multi-core servers, and extend the reach even further than before. still, it's not the easiest user-friendly program to host, which I hope will change a bit sooner.

Before anyone ask what of it myself? I have many projects, but depression took a really REALLY bad told on me, and game designing is my fervent passion. It doesn't stop me and I'm trying my damnedest to start releasing some creations through my personal storms (and it's not getting any better).
I'm still half-asleep but what would be the cost of about 114,000 ads a month?
CPM of about $1 per thousand. CTR of about 0.5%, with CTC of about $1 also. $114 for impressions, ~$570 on clickthroughs. So ... ~$684 per month?
Well, according to the login tracker on DU, it has 114,000 logins a month. (Although I'm not sure if the fact that most players login to multiple keys a day makes a difference.)
CPM is usually interested in unique daily impressions. You tend to only get one impression per day per unique viewer that actually counts. Depends on the provider though.
Byond should improve its graphics at least as much as miniclips thats what i think (no publicity intended).And there are so manny rips thats what makes byond shitty.(Sorry for my sincerity)
Terrific work guys! I'm looking forward to implementing the flash client on a project I'm working on, so it's great news to hear it's still alive and brewing.
I'm looking forward to implementing the flash client

You might want to reread the first post.
Hi all, the news are great ideas, I"M happy byond is still begin develop.
Ads arent problem for me, all just cost, we can play the games cuz byond got cash,, if byond dont got cash= we woulnd"t be able to make games using byond/play them etc
Flash Client can be fun, but thats shame soo small amount on ppl make games on byond...
* sorry for all misspelings,mistakes etc.
In response to Ter13
Ter13 wrote:
I'm looking forward to implementing the flash client

You might want to reread the first post.

Skimmed it just before I left for class. Happy to hear about the port to HTML5, it might make some things tricky, but it sounds like it supports embedding, which is what I'm looking forward to being able to do.
Awesome! Maybe NEStalgia officially hitting Steam will finally not only get more people motivated, but also change how BYOND is viewed on the internet. It should at least help gradually over time, if nothing else.

I really like the direction the standalone is going in, especially given the pre-release pay idea. I'm also relieved to hear about the HTML 5 port, simply because I was looking forward to trying out Flash, then heard Flash is dropping down so it seemed like it'd be another of those technically outdated things.

HTML 5 is huge though, so that should open up a lot of different release options and/or locations beyond that of the hub.

Thanks for the news update, great read! Also really appreciate all the hard working going into all of this, and even the smaller things like viewing recent fans.
Doesn't porting game to HTML5 + Javascript means that its code (at least the client's side) will be visible to the players? That's the biggest disadvantage of JS & HTML5.
Yes, the UI code will be visible to players, but that's pretty much the case now with the skin setup. The server code, which does most of the work, will not be accessible.
Neat. How's the HTML5 phooey going? Is it prioritized at the moment, or on the backburner for now?
Makes me want to cry.
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