by Taint_thewizard
The everlasting adventure.
just started playing your game yesterday already lovin it.. so far the only problem im getting is freezing when trying to talk to misk or is it mist? "The wizard" the wizard you talk to that's suppose to open a portal for a quest
This down time is making me sad lol hope the game comes back up soon
Wow, very cool game, lots to entertain yourself with. The owner is very helpful and even took time to walk me through the game, help me out with quests, give me a helping hand by inviting me to a party, please give it a try, I'm sure you won't be disappointed! :)
I wanna play this already, my hands are shaking moms spaghetti.
Is this still in development or have you moved on to Estek Emprise?
Small bug: hud displays behind the turf. Can't see my health or what the npc are saying.
The game actually has very good presentation. Eager to observe development.