Is there anyway to stop hud objects (using screen_loc) that go off screen from making the client's view go all wacky? I have icons that are 90x90 pixels, however the image is only actually 10x10, however I want all the icon states in the same DMI file.


I have 3 images in the dmi file "hud".

the size of the dmi file itself is 90x90.

However the image I want to use in this dmi file is only 10x10, but it MUST comply with the 90x90 size of the other images (unless there's some way to stop that?).

You have to make a separate icon file that is 10x10. You can't have 10x10 icons in a 90x90 icon file just as you can;t have a 90x90 size icon in a 10x10 icon size file.