Hey guys,

Just wondering how it might be possible to set transparency on a window in the skin file?
Under the skin tab in the edit window there is a section titled blending. You set the background color and the transparent color to the same and then use the slider to determine transparency levels.
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I actually can't find this...

I had been looking for about 15 minutes but can't find it.

This is an interface BTW, if the terms skin and interface can't be used interchangably.
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I only found it for the main window itself. Not sure if that was the desired control.
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Ah I've found it for the window itself now, but is it possible to have this same transparency setting on an output window?
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Mikau put out a demo/library for this a while ago, take a look in the resources for it.
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Ah thanks found it.

Eh not exactly what I was hoping for but I'll look into it maybe later.