Hey guys, one of my games I created several years back suddenly has odd graphical glitches in game. The source files are still intact and I can download and run the un-updated version of the game as normal.

However when I transferred these same exact working files to my new laptop, suddenly there's a lot of issues. I actually suspect it has something to do with the latest version of BYOND and the introduction to pixel movement etc.

Anyone know how to revert this in the case of this particular game? All it's doing is creating graphical issues.
Try adding this line:

world/map_format = TILED_ICON_MAP

You can read about map_format in the reference

Basically, now that BYOND supports large icons without having to break them up, any multi-tiled objects that were previously placed with the "Add" tool won't display as expected (each tile will display the full icon).

If that's not what you meant, you'll have to be more specific about what you mean by graphical glitches.

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That worked perfectly, thanks!

Nice to see a familiar face around these forums still! :)