Demi-God Online

by Kirshen
Demi-God Online, still under construction...
PVP/RP game based on Greek Mythology. Instead of classes the player is introduced to the choice of being a God's child.
***(Arthemis, Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo, Ares and Hephaestus)***

Now that Thanatos has fallen under Hades' control the world appears to be invaded by his wrath. An army of undead upproaches as the gods decide to take action, sending their own children to fight along the mortals.
Throughout the game, the players will be able to choose their own path. Either becoming a "good guy" and fight along the forces of the Olympus or joining the "dark side" and chastise the world along with the mighty Hades..

Created by Time Consuming Games.
Programmer: Kirshen
Developer: Pecsus
Advertisement: Apetuch

Hosted with Xirre's Shell Server! Best host there is, go check it out at!
GM Pecsus

Ask and your questions will be answered.
When will the game be up?
Sorry for the delay of my response, Demonote. We're still working on the Alpha of the game. But probably next week I'll open it for the first time and run a 2 weeks wipe for everyone to test it! Any doubts PM me :)
This still going on?
It is but I'm polishing it right now, been working really hard.