how to make a system where without actually giving files to the host i can update through game

any help would be appreciated
I do not believe this is possible. In order for a host to "update" they need to have hosting files that are "up to date." I suppose there may be a way where you upload updated hosted files to the game and have the host download them, but an automated update (that is, updating while the game is up) is impossible.
You can fcopy() the files (which are ONLY the DMB and RSC) to the host. Uploading the files manually can be done as an input() (or even an argument of a verb).

Alternatively, if you do not want to log in to update, you can set up a world/Import() to parse through a request and update it.
In response to GhostAnime
mob/Admin3/verb/Update(F as file)
set category="Admin"

is it ok?? cant get it to work