I am trying to expand upon hobnobs bignum datum but I can not figure out how to solve for nth roots.

I cam across this algorithm:

It seems to be the best way to find the nth root of a number that is stored as a string. However, I can't figure out how to get a generic version of this algorithm working. I can kind of get it working for square root and cube root but not for any nth root. Does anyone have an implementation of this algorithm for BYOND or perhaps a pseudo code example or any other method for solving the nth root of a number stored as a text string of arbitrary length?

Here are a couple other example of the algorithm as used to solve square roots and cube roots.


div(a, b, c)
for(var/i = 1; i < b; i++)
a = a / c
return a

root(num, root)
root = round(root)
epsilon = 0
estimate = num / root
lastEst = 0
lastEst = estimate
estimate = ((root - 1) * estimate + div(num, root, estimate)) / root
epsilon = max(lastEst, estimate) / min(lastEst, estimate)
while(epsilon > 1.0001)
return estimate

world << root(5, 2)
world << root(5, 3)
world << root(5, 4)
world << root(5, 5)
world << root(275274.0, 8)
world << root(275274.0, 9)

It's general algorithm. I assume your big numbers have basic operations as multiplication, division, adding.
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Nice algorithm. Looks like it's based on a technique by Newton.