Is there any way to automatically add line-breaks on labels? Its just that I am making a full-screen game, and the label i want to do this for changes size with the size of the screen. I don't want to do it manually in the code using \n, because my laptop has a wide screen, and wont necessarily have the same size of label as others.

Or is there a better way to do it than this? I thought using an output box, but i need to be able to clear it after every use (which i dont know how to do) or a browser.

EDIT: Just saw in the skin reference that for output boxes you can set the number of lines. I'm thinking that maybe i should use this and set the number of lines to 1 (lines meaning paragraphs for some reason).
Ok, so the output idea didn't go as planned. Can anyone else give a hand here?
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To clear the out put:
src<<output(null, "window.output")

Put something into the output:
src<<output(someText, "window.output")
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Thanks for the clearing. as for inputting to the output, i already knew how to do that. it works fine now. Thank you.