Ok I know the less advanced way of piloting a vehicle, like to just get into it and start going. But how would one go about entering the interior of a vehicle, then goin to a mast and selecting a "Pilot" control to pilot the exterior of the ship to somewhere, I already have everything else but that set up. Thanks for the help.
You'll want to use something like SwapMaps to create your vehicle interiors when ships are made.
When you "enter" the vehicle, instead of moving yourself into the vehicle, you'll move yourself into that new map area that was created.
When the vehicle is created, be sure to have an exit and pilot controls, or else you'd pretty much trap yourself inside.
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I cannot use swapmaps because i cannot read the hub, due to the page being cut in half by this phone, and I cannot download then upload to my computer. And I am looking for how to create the pilot controls. I cannot get me to see the exterior of the ship while retaining my icon to the inside.
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The variable you're looking for is client.eye. You set that to the ship exterior when you're piloting the ship. Be sure to set client.perspective to EYE_PERSPECTIVE, or else you'll have a black screen.
Then you just override the movement controls to move the ship exterior instead of the player. This has been done many times and you shouldn't have any trouble finding the resources to do it.
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To the tweak mobile!
I know there is massive hype about swap maps but using multiple z levels or different areas of your map space never hurt.
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...Which is what SwapMaps does.
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No I think you're misunderstanding the point of Swapmaps. Byond does not allow you to move between multiple map files. Swapmaps however does.
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I actually think you're misunderstanding. SwapMaps does not change the way BYOND works. No library does. Multiple map files are compiled into Z levels, sorted in alphabetical order.
SwapMaps simply designates an area on the map.
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"Multiple map files". I rest my case.
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Ok now... Where would I put a library if I downloaded it Via .zip, because I have never used libraries before, and do not know what folder they are put into when downloaded via Byond Client. Can you gimme a example of what folder it should go to?