Ok I'm not new to coding but this is something I have rarely been asked to, or have done.

How would one go about creating a projectile that hits other mobs if they are close enough not accounting for the mob that created it, then having it not hit a mob Twice? Like a chained spell? It seems pretty complex to do and I have been unable to find a solution by myself.

Please dont post a link to a demo seeing as I am on a phone...
Let's assume the following:

Player A shoots a projectile at Player B. Player C is within 3 tiles of Player B, Player D is within 3 tiles of Player C, and Player E is 10 tiles away from everyone.

Now, you would need to set a maximum amount of times the projectile can bounce - if infinite, you must respect the fact that this can go on for quite some time - if the beam were to diminish, then you might set it at a chain of 3 atoms before going away.

The projectile should therefore have 2 variables - the owner, and a list of hits.

var mob/owner, list/hits=list()

Next, when the projectile Bump's another player, it must add that player to it's hit list, and see if it should move on to another player.

if(istype(hit,/mob) & M != src.owner) // Check if it's a mob, and check to make sure it is not the owner.
// implement your projectile's effects here.
if(length(src.hits)<=3) // The maximum amount of hits
for(var/mob/new_target in view(src,3)) // Again, can be changed; view will not recognize invisibility.
walk_towards(src,new_target) // walk to the new target

Of course, I'm not at home either so I cannot really come up with a mock system but this should put you on the right track.
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Your example is flawed, for each player, it will walk towards them. you need it to pick a player and continue, get to the new player and do it again.
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Thanks, only problem is it doesn't recognize "M" in;

if(istype(hit,/mob)) & M != src.owner
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Excuse me, that M should be "hit". :)
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Ehhh.. not to be a noob or a buggart, but I cannot seem to get a verb to spawn the projectile, it seems to fly through things no matter how I imput it..
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Set density=1.