We were given around 1 month to make a game in Game Maker.
This was my submission. It's not bug free, but the time was very limited. I was being too ambitious on this project.

it is of course an RPG.
character sprites was inspired from a BYOND game, I'm sure some might recognize.

If you would like to try it:
I kinda liked the shooting/strafing system at first, but it was frustrating to use at times. Especially after opening a chest, you would not change direction until you fire and then wait. I felt the wait time before you can aim in a different direction should be shorter.
yeah, It was frustrating that it was doing that after a chest.(I wasn't really sure why it was doing it)
It was really hard messing with the delays and very tedious work. Though if I had more time to work on it, I think I could have polished it a bit more
Heh, long time no see Danny boy :D. I'll be sure to check this out -downloading as i type... o.o that 'could be dangerous' message lol- with a very critical eye. Heh.
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I was going to message it to you earlier. but as always, you're never on when I'm on ._. and u don't get on skype ever
Ah, :D and yeah.. skype... >.> i'll try and be on there i guess, pretty sure you were kinda awol too for the few times i thought to log on there, but eh, that is kinda true that i've not even been on the pager often with this account, so no worries! :o.