Just wondering how a singleplayer game would do on byond. I know people have done it before, but im just wondering if it can become like a "big" thing being singleplayer itself. Or is multiplayer, mmo type stuff a better route to take.

Sorry if i'm not making much sense lol. Just wondering the pro's con's of each of the types(Note i'm kind of tired, sorry lol)
I think a single player game would work really well on BYOND, if it were done well. You obviously won't get cut nearly as much slack on it, because there's no online play to distract fans and act as an additional form of entertainment, but if you can make the game well enough it should do well in my opinion.

I wouldn't use the term MMO type stuff, either. I think a lot of people fail to notice just how great 1-4, 2-4, 1-8, etc games would work out on BYOND. Multi-player doesn't mean going MMO, you could potentially do the best making games that are just for a handful of players per 'room' or 'server' etc. It could also be that they don't fail to notice it, they just get caught up in the whole make your own MMO concept and lose sight of it, or they lack a personal interest in it. Either way, I'd like to see it done more.

I personally have projects in mind for each category. Though, MMO wise I'd say it's more of a minor multi-player online than a major. You can't do major too well on BYOND without a lot of trouble, unless you count NEStalgia and Eternia as major, but I'd say they're examples of minor done right.

Startegem, LRS, Ultimatum, and Alchemist are good examples of games with the 1-4 etc type concept, in my opinion.
I think the main pro of singleplayer is that you have more direct control of the player's experience. I would argue singleplayer games can be more immersive because everything in the game is tightly controlled, and fits together. But with other players online, you are getting messages like "FRE STUF PLZ LOL" which are decidedly not immersive.

Plus single-player games are generally much easier to program, although the difference is not as big when using BYOND since networking is done for you. Still, some things such as AI are just not as complicated when dealing with only one human player.