GenerateCSicon(var/icon/I, var/Iname)
icon/CSicon = new("[Iname]")
CSicon.Insert(I, "CS", SOUTH, 1, 0, null)

That is what I'm trying right now, but it doesn't create a new .dmi.
I'm wanting it to create a new icon with the name "[Iname]", then insert an icon_state.
I want to be able to access this icon later in Dream Maker.

I know I can use ftp() to send it to myself and save it manually, but its tedious with 124 icons to do this to.

Edit: I didn't consider this a code problem considering I'm not even sure if this is how to do it. That is my question: How to dynamically create and save a .dmi file.
You can always try fcopy() which won't prompt you to save it manually.
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GenerateCSicon(var/icon/I, var/iname)
icon/CSicon = new("[iname]")
CSicon.Insert(I, "CS", SOUTH, 1, 0, null)
fcopy(CSicon, "CS/[iname]")

Thanks a lot, this works =D.
I can't believe how easy that was after searching the forums, asking on chatters, and looking through the ref. Guess I didn't know where to look in the ref lol.
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If XxDohxX's Paint were still being worked on, would this be incorporable then? To dynamically create an icon out of your painted creation?
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Yes, it would be possible, and not particularly difficult. You can even stick .png on the end of the file name.
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Well, yes, essentially because .dmi and .png are nearly identical. Oh I have an idea :)