I got a question.
When I host my game (Pokemon New Worlds) and search for it
it doesn't appear in the search results.

How is this possible? The game is live and reachable by players.

How can I make my game appear in the search results?

- Dutch3d
My guess is that it's been deemed a rip. Rips and other "unpublished" games are hidden from search, unless you use advanced search.
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Well. There are hundred of rips which are findable...
But well, maybe your right. It's made from an abandonded game so.
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did you set the hub...
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Legitz wrote:
did you set the hub...

It's a rip, the owner admitted it above your post. Anyways, you can tell because this person has had their key for 3 years yet they don't have any forum posts except for this one.