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So in my game I have loop_checks=0, and for some reason it keeps freezing, but I don't know which loop is freezing it.

Doesn't BYOND output some sort of error or anything? I don't see any. My code is huge I can't find an infinite loop without a clue to go on.

You might have to turn back on loop_checks to get a good idea of any procedures that could be potentially infinite.
I turned loop_checks back on and it still freezes, so it seems I was wrong. I'm not sure why it is freezing.
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Please check every

for() //statements
while() //statements

and anything else that has a loop in it.

Please ensure that there is at least a sleep() command in that loop occuring, because if it is an issue caused by the loop endlessly going and with no delay, you will get a crazy lag that will result in a crash.
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Also this includes proc repetition:




just an example of what i mean.
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Also I think it might be the new changes to BYOND's Export() proc freezing my game. I'm about to disable export and see if it can run an hour without freezing, which would be a new record by far.
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when was the last time it ran normal?

did you add anything new after that time?
Yea we recently updated our BYOND version. I'm almost sure now that it is BYOND's changes to Export(), because I now have:

To stop any Export behavior from happening, and we are no longer repeatedly freezing.

The server still needs to stay up for 1 hour straight without freezing before I am absolutely sure. It has been 30 minutes currently, which is already a new record by far.
Hmm well best of luck :)
Thanks for being here to help