I know this is something I should know already, but it is stumping me. How can I set a mob to the client?

mob = /mob/player

That is what I would suspect would set it up, but it causes my connection to die and fail. I guess you cannot set a mob at runtime? So, how am I supposed to go about presetting it?
Well, you can define that so the default client mob through world/mob

PS: You are saying that the client's mob is a path, not an existing object, hence the disconnection
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If I cannot use a type path, how would I access it? That doesn't make sense.
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You need to refer the client's mob to an actual object, otherwise it cannot exist (the client that is). For example:
mob = new/mob/player(X.loc)

Though it is much easier if you define, as mentioned before, the default client mob to to be that path:
mob = /mob/player

(See the entry for world/mob if you are wondering why we don't use new there).
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I see. Thanks!