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<b>Problem description:</b>
So, recently I have been wondering if there was a way to make turfs have a smaller icon_size than an object, or a mob. I've tried some basic stuff, such as changing their properties to different icon_sizes<br><br> <dm>(Insert first object here)
icon_size= 48
(Insert first turf here)
icon_size= 32
Best response
icon_size is a world value. So... No.

However, big icons have been supported by BYOND for years. You can create a dmi file of any dimension, and set any atom (area, turf, mob or obj)'s icon to it without any problems. You'll have to adjust the bounding variables, but that's about it.

icon_size just dictates the size of the world's "grid", not the size of the objects on said grid.
Thanks Ter13. You're always so helpful.