Hey guys i need some help from you!

I m Gokussj22 and i would like to know how to make guild houses and guild ranks other then co-leader member and custom...

Any kind of help would be appreciated..
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pls can i have a link to guild ranking code or pls help me making it
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Guys pls only this is left and my game would be complete
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Yeah um, if you programmed a full game this'd be easy. Obviously, you downloaded a source.
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i cant figure out how to do so!
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search for guild or party in Resources. @ top right search on this page. should get loads of demos'

or you could simply go here:

and learn some DM programming.
Well Gokuussj24523334, you could learn to program instead of ripping and copy and pasting lines of code. If this causes too many headaches you can read LummoxJR's datums article, and list article. Who knows you might even learn something, but by judging the posts from you in this thread I doubt it.
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density = 1

if(usr.guild_name == {"Mystic"})//put here the name of the guild
for(var/obj/O in M.contents)
M << "You cannot enter with a dragonball!"
M << "You cannot enter whilst fused"
M.loc = locate(89,143,11)
M.density = 1
M.it_blocked = 1
M.it_lock = 1
M << "You aren't in the Guild \white <u><I>ʣΆʊ</I></u>"
M << "You must be in a Guild to enter the Guild Hall"

density = 1

M.loc = locate(211,213,1)
M.density = 1
M.it_blocked = 0
M.it_lock = 0

Here is my GH code and when i enter it doesnt allow me to go in..
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Well then. Possible reasons would be:

1. You are not in a guild. M.in_guild returns FALSE;
2. Your guild name is not "Mystic". usr.guild_name == {"Mystic"} returns FALSE.

Now get off your lazy 10 year old bum and learn either DM programming or how to spot errors in your own(=ripped) code.

No one wants to play your ripped game. You think you're cool and 1337 and a programmer but all you're doing is giving us headaches.
You are not making a game.
You are stealing.
You are just an *annoying child*.
You refuse to learn.
You annoy us all.
LRN2READ; Learn 2 Read; Learn to read!
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Please keep same-topic posts by the same poster, in 1 Post.
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Use Datums..
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Soul Sign wrote:
Use Datums..

I know how to use Datums, thank you.

Reply to the correct post.
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//do wat ever
Guild_Say(m as text)
for(var/mob/M in online_members) M<<m
for(var/mob/M in online_members) M<<"[L] has arrived!"
...//reverse the Login()

enough Spoon feeding ; so thats the idea go and get it!
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whoops sorry, I just press the nearest reply button.
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Iuss wrote:
Now get off your lazy 10 year old bum and learn either DM programming or how to spot errors in your own(=ripped) code.

codes can't be ripped, unless and until some dumb person gives it away.
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switch usr with M in if(usr.guild_name...)

so it's if(M.guild_name...)
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i tried every damn possible ways and get what to do????

if u guys want u can take my source and add it :)
i will give u all credit.........................
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Start slowly, Divide and Conquer. Reduce your problems to fragments that you can understand.

Atleast get to the point where you can read code like it's english. You aren't even trying. Staring at the code in confusion isn't going to fix it.

we want u to learn to code and kno what ur doin. pls understand. jus do it plz
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